The Web Presence Journey – A True Story

ET Group is a company that has been in the Toronto, Ontario market for more than 20 years selling audio/visual equipment to other businesses. About three years ago, new owners bought the business and began to transform the company.

When you acquire a business, one of the things you are acquiring is the customer base, but there is always an opportunity to assess what you are selling and to whom and to determine your preferred business strategy. This created a great opportunity for ET Group to redo their web presence. The old website did not reflect the customers they wanted to serve and the solutions they wanted to sell.

There are many stages in the buying process and customers today want to educate themselves with many points of information online before they take a next step with a company. Allowing someone to download something, take a quiz, leave a comment or engage online  in a way that tells us where they are in the buying process, allows us to understand how to nurture that relationship online: Right down to the pages they look at, the time they spend on the site, where they came from and what pages they left from.


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