What the Movies Can Teach Us About Real Time Collaboration…

The movies are about entertainment – giving the audience an experience that is bigger than life. Going to the movie theatre is about an experience that is a rich experience.  And that experience has progressed since the first days of black and white silent films.

First it was about moving pictures – creating a movie.  Then sound was added and the big screen.  Colour brought a new and richer dimension. Then sound became Dolby sound.  And now special effects are taking the movie experience to progressively greater heights all the time.

What can we learn from the movie going experience that we can apply to connecting people in different locations?

  • What if you could see the person you were conferencing with and they were bigger than life?
  • What if you could see them on a 70″ screen with a full “shoulders up” view – like seeing Jay Leno, David Letterman or Conan O’Brien on late night TV on your big screen TV?
  • What if you could share a desktop with them on another big screen?
  • What if you could stand at a whiteboard while talking to them and whatever you wrote, they could see on the whiteboard in their room.  And when they wrote on their whiteboard it would show up on yours.  Both of you writing on your respective whiteboards whenever you wanted, but both sharing and contributing to the same content.
  • What if you converse with them with the greatest sound quality and clarity, in true stereo surround sound? Like being there.
  • What if the experience was bigger than life?  Just like the movies.

You would be able to see and hear the people you are meeting with better than you could if you were there in person.  If you could create that kind of experience, would you still need to have a face-to-face meeting with them? Maybe, if you were traveling for reasons other than the meeting itself.

You can create a conferencing and collaboration experience that is bigger than life and is better than being there!

The question is really, “How good a conferencing experience do you want to give the meeting participants”?  If you provide a rich enough experience, there is no need for face-to-face meetings.

And the technology, like special effects in the movies, continues to evolve to make the experience richer and richer.

The lesson we can take from the movies, for the real time interactive collaborative ecosystems we are building in our organizations, is that we need to provide a rich experience for the participants.  If the experience is rich, easy to use and people have easy access to it, they will want to use the technology to collaborate more effectively.  And wanting is what we should be striving for – user pull, for the experience vs pushing the technology on them.

The formula for increased collaboration is simple…


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It is important to remember that we can’t ‘buy’ collaboration.  Collaboration is something that people have to want to do.

Paul Gragtmans, ET Group


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