Video in the Cloud

Video Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS) uses collaboration tools that you can implement yourself, however when the VCaaS supplier implements them there are some distinct advantages in comparison to similar tools when collaborating internally, or with customers and partners.

Has video conferencing crossed “The Chasm” to the mainstream market?

Author Geoffrey Moore, is probably best known for his book, “Crossing the Chasm”, in which he describes the stages of adoption a technology must go through if it is to be used by the vast majority of people. The Chasm, is a critical section in the “Early Adopters” stage where a technology either makes the critical leap or never makes it past the “Early Adopters” stage.

Is being in the same physical space critical to improving collaboration?

There are 7 principles that foster an increase in collaboration. Collaboration is not just people talking together. It happens in real time and iterative ways. By redesigning space to increase the likelihood that people will connect is critical to collaboration however this redesign should not be at the expense of other work modes that people need to be productive.