Top 4 Reasons to Formalize your Corporate Communications Framework

A corporate communications framework is a structured way to look at the communications tools your organization is currently using. In this blog I want to answer the question – Why bother formalizing the CCF at all?After all, chances are no one is asking for your organization’s CCF. But, there are a number of compelling reasons to spend the time to get this down on paper. Here are the top 4 reasons why a Corporate Communications Framework should be formalized…

Is your Communications Technology Framework a Patchwork or Tapestry? Why it Matters.

According to a recent study by Filigree Consulting, 72% of Corporate Collaborative environments are “Not Integrated” or “Unsupported”. The benefits of achieving an “Optimized” Corporate Collaboration EcoSystem are significant. Find out how to achieve an optimized Corporate Collaboration Ecosystem and why most organizations struggle to do so.