Community Engagement – The ‘Heart of Change’ in Intelligent Communities

Communities trying to achieve “Intelligence” are simply trying to solve challenges and capture opportunities that will lead to a better quality of life for its residents and partners. Although technology is a very significant part of helping communities become more ‘Intelligent’, it is really the truth that comes out of ‘Community Engagement’ that moves communities forward.

Putting Community Collaboration to Practical Use!

Community Collaboration Ecosystems bring an inclusive group of collaborative partners together to enable innovation and growth. The overreaching goal of these ecosystems or Smart communities is to improve sustainability and quality of life for the community.

Building Community Technology Platforms for Collaborative Ecosystems

Systems are providing an Open Architecture, which allows for different technologies to be tied together in ever more meaningful and seamless ways. Building a technology platform in your Collaboration Ecosystem requires an architectural design approach. It is imperative that this design provides a platform that is common to all stakeholders.