Is your Communications Technology Framework a Patchwork or Tapestry? Why it Matters.

According to a recent study by Filigree Consulting, 72% of Corporate Collaborative environments are “Not Integrated” or “Unsupported”. The benefits of achieving an “Optimized” Corporate Collaboration EcoSystem are significant. Find out how to achieve an optimized Corporate Collaboration Ecosystem and why most organizations struggle to do so.

Is being in the same physical space critical to improving collaboration?

There are 7 principles that foster an increase in collaboration. Collaboration is not just people talking together. It happens in real time and iterative ways. By redesigning space to increase the likelihood that people will connect is critical to collaboration however this redesign should not be at the expense of other work modes that people need to be productive.

Does Too Much Collaboration at Work Hurt Productivity?

The global architecture and design company, Gensler, recently released it’s 2013 US Workplace Survey and most workers struggle to work effectively. A Toronto paper picked up the story with a headline stating, “Too much collaboration at work hurts productivity.” Does this mean that your organization should not strive for more collaboration? No. It means that if you don’t strike the right balance, it can lead to unwanted and potentially negative results.

You’re invited – Learn how SMART and Lync can improve your ROI on video conferencing

You understand the great potential of unified communications – the potential cost savings, simplicity and flexibility. Now find out how to get those results without the cost and complexity of traditional video conferencing solutions. Learn how to transform group collaboration by extending the Microsoft® Lync® experience into your conference rooms.

5 Myths of Telepresence and what they mean to your business

What’s the difference between collaboration and telepresence and what do they mean to your business? We know creating authentic communication and collaboration isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” industry. Here are 3 Important Reasons for Debunking Myths of Video Conferencing – It gives users a way to gauge their investment, readers can take stock of any preconceptions they might have and it helps people to make good decisions when developing a technology roadmap for the next five years.

The Evolution of Collaboration Technology

In the December 2012 issue of “IT in Canada” magazine, ET Group’s Paul Gragtmans discusses media escalation and how this technology can be effectively integrated. “In The Middle” starting on page 16 shares the benefits of collaboration technology beyond cost savings and how recent advances in video conferencing is closing the gap between technological promise and today’s capabilities.

The Collaborative Entrepreneur

Recently, I attended a luncheon where the main speaker was Greg Wolfond. Greg is an entrepreneur connected to two very successful technology start-ups; Footprint Software and 724 Solutions. Greg is now at his third start-up, SecureKey Technologies. What makes SecureKey Technologies stand out is their implementation of a collaborative strategy. In this blog, I share some of Greg’s secrets to being a collaborative entrepreneur.

Do you Lack Meeting Room Space? Without Exception, Every Company or Agency I Speak with has This Problem

Research has shown that while individual work might result in a faster answer, collaboration consistently delivers deeper and richer ideas because broad perspectives and cross-pollination of ideas teams can offer. There are two trends working against the availability of meeting space however here’s how you can combat them.

Rule #1 for Video and Firewalls: Say NO to Helper Services

Firewalls are probably one of the biggest peace-of-mind purchases that an enterprise will make to ensure it’s secure from the outside world. More comprehensive firewalls offer a vast suite of tools and features to make the life of the administrator easier by automating as much of the process of security management as possible. When it comes to video conferencing technology, the lion’s share of firewall solutions are not as video friendly as the feature set suggests.