Boost Collaboration In Between Your “Most Important Meetings”

A lot more time and work effort is spent in between “Most Important Meetings” than having “Most Important Meetings”. So it stands to reason that if you can enable greater collaboration during the interaction between your team members for the work they do between meetings, you will be significantly accelerating collaboration in your organization.

Content Sharing Technologies Making Huge Strides

The word “Collaboration” is used to describe way too many tools that are part of a collaborative eco-system but do not define collaboration itself. Many of the vendors are calling their content sharing technology “collaboration technology”. But content sharing is only one aspect of collaboration and only for real-time collaboration.

Building Community Technology Platforms for Collaborative Ecosystems

Systems are providing an Open Architecture, which allows for different technologies to be tied together in ever more meaningful and seamless ways. Building a technology platform in your Collaboration Ecosystem requires an architectural design approach. It is imperative that this design provides a platform that is common to all stakeholders.

The Benefits of Collaboration Between Institutions

Institutions have traditionally served as the organizing framework for bringing people together towards a common goal. By definition however, these institutions are exclusionary in their makeup. These institutional models are rapidly becoming limited models for the kinds of work and innovative solutions that are being demanded today.

Building an inclusive, flexible and innovative Community Collaboration Ecosystem

Our existing models of working together are just not as effective as they used to be, as a result there is often a lack of innovation, siloing and generally slow progress on requirements that demand ever faster solutions. A Community Collaborative Ecosystem is a new model that will enhance innovation.

Increasing the Velocity of Collaboration in Your Organization

Once the user based, collaboration capability requirements are determined, then you can select what the technologies are for the meeting rooms and for the individuals connecting into conferences. This process is critical and avoids a lot of wasted efforts and brings a cohesive approach to the technology roadmap your organization requires. It helps turn the patchwork of technology found in most organizations into a tapestry of technology, which becomes an enabler to greater collaboration within the organization.