Understanding Human Communication in The Boardroom And Beyond

In meaning human interaction facial expression, and direct eye contact matter. They are a critical part of forging relationships, gauging thoughts and feelings and reacting appropriately. In most remote collaboration and videoconferencing applications, eye-contact is neglected. Instead, the discussion revolves around; screen size, HD Codec, proper sound, lighting, bandwidth, QoS considerations. These considerations are important, along with travel cost reductions, green initiatives, improved quality of life for employees, etc. But, if you drill down into remote collaboration and video conferencing to the core, it is about one thing: COMMUNICATION.

Getting Rid of the Boardroom Bowling Alley

The usability of video conferencing in a typical boardroom was dramatically enhanced in the last year, with Polycom’s announcement of the Eagle Eye Director II. Most video conferencing deployments in an existing boardroom are problematic. So what ends up happening is that the camera is pointed at the room from the front and is ‘zoomed out’ to capture the whole table. And this view never changes. People on the other end of the video conferencing call therefore see what can be called the ‘Boardroom Bowling Alley’ effect.