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Our modern business approach combined with an intimate knowledge of your organization and team ensures every person is ready for collaboration success.

Remote Monitoring to keep your technology going

Our proactive meeting room monitoring means that your spaces are fully operational. Automated remote hardware testing occurs around the clock and notifies us of issues, notify your team if anything impacts your room.

Detect Device Faults

Automate and proactively detect device faults with 24/7 scan and alerts

Real-Time Scans

Quickly detect incidents with real-time scanning.

Minimize Tech Visits

Using remote tech resets and adjustments.

Room Readiness Tests

Automated room readiness tests nightly or on-demand.

On-demand Video Support for immediate help

When you need us, you get us. We don't have phone trees or play voicemail tag; we are here for you and stay connected until you are comfortable and everything is fixed.

Instant Support

Fast and reliable while talking face to face with a real person.

Browser Based Service

Browser based online service enables support to be instant and meaningful.

Easy for Users

End users can initiate a video support call on a mobile phone with a QR code.

No App Needed

Each QR code directs users to self help tools available.

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Dial: +1 (855) 509-5491 or Email:

Help Desk support for first level troubleshooting

The help desk provides first level troubleshooting and remote diagnostics before dispatching a technician to try and minimize downtime of your system.

Incident Workflow Management

Our team includes a dedicated bilingual help desk, contract management and a strong team of certified and highly qualified AV/VC technical engineers. ET Group utilizes an ERP system to manage all incident events with a clear defined process for incident control, escalation and robust reporting capabilities.

Metrics Reporting

Our team provides metrics which outline timing, response, issue identification and resolution details. We then review them together to identify any trends which can be used to improve the future design or user adoption program.

On-Site support with certified AV service techs

ET Group will dispatch a technician onsite within 24 hours of a reported incident when required. Our team consists of dedicated AV service technicians trained and certified in the most current and up to date technology platforms.

Hardware Exchanges

We will manage the return, exchange, and loaner of any faulty component.

Preventative Maintenance

We will perform general cleanup of the systems, firmware updates, and ensure all patches and fixes are applied. If any components are deemed faulty or require remediation, we will identify and manage those activities.

Personalized Customer Programs

We provide multiple levels and types of support - including customized programs - allowing you to choose which support best fits your work style.

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