Should You Join Buying Groups?

The most recent ‘Commercial Integrator’ article discusses the benefits to both PSNI (Professional Systems Network International) and USAV. This mainly US based group, USAV Group, has had no specific plans to expand outside the US, however they have recently added ET Group as a member.  The article then goes on to discuss it’s membership privileges and ET Groups Jim Gragtmans was quoted in the article;

“The biggest benefit for us has been relationships we’ve formed with the other dealers,” says Jim Gragtmans, owner of ET Group of Toronto, a 40-person A/V integration firm that represented USAV’s first foray outside the U.S. about two years ago.

Gragtmans is excited to see USAV starting to embrace “special interest groups” that delve into topics such as marketing, IT and other business groups that go beyond the corner office. He would love to see the group embrace more maintenance services contracts — an area where A/V lags behind IT in general, he says — and hopes to see USAV create revenue streams that go beyond volume discounts in the future.



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