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Ultimate Remote Team

Is your remote team looking for that added boost? We can help.

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Offering Complimentary
Remote Team Mapping

During COVID-19 our Technology Specialists are providing complimentary remote team mapping sessions, tools, resources, and advanced technology.


Remote Team
Mapping Session

We’ll surface your remote teams pains, gains, workflows, user experience, and technology strategy. Helping to visualize, prioritize, and inspire an effective remote working program.


Roadmap To Enhance
Your Technology

The mapping session will provide technology recommendations delivered through our Remote Team Roadmap. We’ll create actionable next steps for your team to enhance their platform.


Join Our Remote
Webinar Series

Our specialists are here to guide your remote team with resources that can enable a more effective team. Providing help around communication, collaboration, cohesion and other key areas of remote working.

Book Your Complimentary Remote
Team Mapping Session

Working in remote teams can present roadblocks and challenges to effective communication, collaboration, and connection. Ensuring you have the right remote working platform is critical to team success.

We are here to help organizations and teams effected by COVID-19 with a complimentary remote team mapping session to enable your resilient and effective remote working program.

Contact us to book your session!

Complimentary Remote
Team Mapping Session

  • Surfacing remote team pains, gains, workflows, user experience, and technology strategy

  • Co-creating resilient and effective remote working programs

  • Visualizing, prioritizing, and inspiring remote team action

Roadmap to Enhance
Your Remote Technology

  • Remote team enablement roadmap delivered

  • Remote technology recommendations and action plan

  • Next step processes to inspire and enable your team

Resources and Tools
to Help Your Remote Team

  • Create better remote communication, collaboration, and connection

  • Generate clarity around remote roles, responsibilities, and decision making

  • Enable greater remote team direction, motivation, and cohesion

ET Group Webinar Series

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We will help you learn how to better host more effective and meaningful large group video conference meetings.

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