The Toronto Construction Association partners with the ET Group to Launch TCA SMART Advantage

The Toronto Construction Association (TCA), a membership organization comprised of 2,200 local construction industry practitioners, announced today their strategic partnership to launch TCA Smart Advantage, a collaborative community for members of the TCA to work together more effectively.

What the Movies Can Teach Us About Real Time Collaboration…

What can we learn from the movie going experience that we can apply to connecting people in different locations? What can we do to make the experience richer or bigger than life? You can create a conferencing and collaboration experience that is bigger than life and is better than being there! The formula for increased collaboration in simple, get our Free guide now.

What’s the Difference Between Web Conferencing and Video Conferencing?

At the most basic level, the difference between web conferencing and video conferencing is that web conferencing allows you to share a computer’s content over a distance and video conferencing allows you to see the other people you are connecting to from wherever they are. That is a pretty straight forward answer. But there are many different web conferencing technologies and video conferencing technologies available int he market with different functionalities and price points.

More Than Video: The Evolving Reality of Collaboration Solutions

In the December 2011 issue of “IT in Canada” magazine there is a great article on page 16 titled “In The Middle” which discusses how Collaboration is moving from a fixed corporate IT approach to service delivery to a more fluid model encompassing many hot IT trends. Paul Gragtmans from ET Group along with others go through and answer some great questions on the evolution of Collaboration Solutions

Getting Rid of the Boardroom Bowling Alley

The usability of video conferencing in a typical boardroom was dramatically enhanced in the last year, with Polycom’s announcement of the Eagle Eye Director II. Most video conferencing deployments in an existing boardroom are problematic. So what ends up happening is that the camera is pointed at the room from the front and is ‘zoomed out’ to capture the whole table. And this view never changes. People on the other end of the video conferencing call therefore see what can be called the ‘Boardroom Bowling Alley’ effect.

ET Group Practices What They Preach With a Move to a New, Innovative Space Powered by Collaboration Technology and Audio Visual Solutions

January 5, 2012 (Toronto, Canada) – ET Group, pioneers in sound and vision communication and experts in audio visual collaboration technology solutions, announced today that they have relocated to a larger, more innovative space minutes from the core of downtown Toronto at 29 Booth Avenue. Significant growth in the last few years made the move necessary, both to accommodate the company’s practical needs and to showcase to clients its cutting edge collaboration technologies.

Collaborating on Your iPad

The iPad is changing the mobility landscape. More mobile workers and corporate executives are making the iPad and other tablets their device of choice for mobile computing.

I must admit I was a little sceptical of using the iPad to replace my laptop, but without the need to create documents using desktop apps like Word, PPT and Excel, I find the iPad is light to handle, instantly ‘on’ and intuitively elegant in its user design.

But the real powerhouse iPad apps that I found for mobile collaboration really blew me away, not only in terms of how I can connect but how easily I can participate in active collaboration meetings.