AV Industry’s 40 Influencers Under 40, CEO Dirk Propfe

Congrats Dirk on being one of the AV Industry’s 40 Influencers Under 40.

After winning the NSCA Excellence in Business Award and landing the cover of Commercial Integrator magazine. Our CEO Dirk Propfe has made the exclusive list of the AV Industry’s 40 CI Influencers Under 40.

ET Group was featured in a handful of articles last year with industry members recognizing the achievements made by ET Group in its resurgence using self-management.

“NSCA liked Propfe’s self-management company overhaul enough to give ET Group an Excellence in Business award earlier this year.”

D. Craig Maccormack, Executive Editor, Commercial Integrator

We are continuing the conversation across the AV Industry with the unique ways we are approaching work. We’re in the early stages of how big this transformation is going to be but it will allow us to recognize the constant need to evolve, delivering more value to our clients and our team.

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Podcast: Reinventing Business – The Shift to Self-Managed Organizations

ET Group CEO Dirk Propfe joins the MacKay CEO Forums, CEO Edge Podcast to share his insights on ET Group’s journey of Reinventing Business – The Shift to Self-Managed Organizations.

The CEO Edge Podcast brought to you by MacKay CEO Forums provides valuable insights and practical advice from Canada’s top CEOs and trusted advisors.

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