Subscribe to the Canadian Video Collaboration Network


  • Gain access to a network of collaborating partners that can help solve your “bigger than us” challenges
  • Easy way to communicate with partners within your organization and across other organizations
  • Provides enterprise quality service at a small business price
  • Allows you to collaborate quickly and efficiently
  • Zero hassle, no risk, instant productivity video managed service

To join the network, you will need a CollaborateNow video subscription and a video conferencing endpoint.

If you already have a video conferencing system, your CollaborateNow subscription will make it even easier to connect with outside partners. If you need a video conferencing endpoint or a mobile video conferencing solution, we can help you get started.

Below are some suggested solutions that include a variety of CollaborateNow video subscriptions and endpoint options.



Video Endpoint



CollaborateNow Video Subscription

Personal Mobile Endpoint
Cisco PrecisionHD
USB Camera
(using your PC, tablet, mobile)
Cisco EX60
Cisco MX200
Mobile Subscription
Endpoint Subscription
Point-to-point Video Conferencing
Access to CollaborateNOW National Video Directory
Detail Monthly Call Reporting
High Quality Video Network
Technical Support
Call Speed: 1.5MB/s 720p
Endpoint Deployment Support
Point-to-Multi-Point Video Conferencing *
Onboarding Services
1 Hour Introduction Training Session
Custom Video Dialing Address
Endpoint Deployment Support
Free PC, tablet, mobile Mirroring for Video Dialing Address
CollaborateNow Video Subscription Monthly Fee
Optional Endpoint Monthly Lease 
(Lease prices are illustrative only and may vary
according to individual application. OAC required.)
*Up to 3 other participants

What option works best for you?
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