Video Systems

Video is arguably the most important and dominant form of communication. In today’s world of short attention spans and instant communication, most of us don’t have the time or focus to read the story.  Watching a video clip on YouTube, or seeing a digital image on an LCD screen, communicates the story quicker and more efficiently. At the ET Group, video has been at the core of our knowledge base and integration expertise for three decades. We understand video in all its forms.

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  • Video Conferencing

    Video conferencing is a fast-growing collaborative technology that allows companies to bridge distances with face-to-face meetings. It saves travel costs, time, carbon (GREEN), and gives employees more flexibility for work-life balance.

    Like many technologies today, video popularity is driven by free video services like Skype.  But more and more, companies are looking for video conferencing technology that is robust, well managed and well executed.  They want to spend meeting time collaborating, not managing the technology. ET Group offers the most robust and innovative video conferencing technologies available in the marketplace and helps customers successfully implement and manage these solutions.

    In-Room Video Display

    In-room display requirements are becoming more complex with presentations, video conferencing, Interactive Whiteboard technology.  The right ‘In-Room’ systems can transform how you collaborate, no matter where you are.

    It is important to invest in screen real estate within your meeting rooms to enrich the collaborative experience.  At ET Group, we work with our customers to determine their ideal meeting room requirements and we design systems that are easy to use and easy to connect.

    Video Streaming

    Businesses today require simple and effective ways to deliver both recorded and live video streams to their employees, customers and other stakeholders. ET Group can provide the skills and technology to assist with the successful implementation of Video Streaming solutions





    Components of a boardroom’s video system:

    • Camera
    • Endpoint
    • Video Conferencing Software

    Top Video Conferencing Software

    1. Cisco (WebEx)
    2. Vidyo
    3. Lync