Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) technology is a critical part of any collaborative ecosystem. In fact, the proper deployment of IWB technology will give your organization the greatest opportunity to accelerate collaboration in both connected and non-connected meetings.

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    Smart Boards

    The SMART Technologies IWB Solution delivers more than just a new IWB. The SMART solutions approach provides the features of traditional white boarding and more, within YOUR interactive computing environment.SMART Boards then share these resources in real-time, over the Internet, with anyone you want to connected to in the session. Not only can participants view the SMART board from other locations, via another IWB, PC or tablet, but they can also interact with the IWB by marking it up with their comments and notes, without having to ask for control of the session.

    Key Considerations for Evaluating Interactive Whiteboard Technology

    Look for a solution not just technology:
    • Does the IWB enhance workflow?
    • Is the IWB solution tightly integrated with the existing applications that you use day-to-day?
    • Does the IWB solution allow you to collaborate over distance? (many-to-many vs one-to-many)
    • Does the IWB vendor provide a range of endpoints?
    Check out these IWB options

    SMART Boards provide:

    • Flexibility
    • Problem solving
    • Interactivity
    • Interconnectivity
    • Creative expression
    • Idea generation
    • Greater innovation