Integrated Room Systems

ET Group provides end-to-end, integrated audiovisual and IT solutions that nurture collaboration and drive business results. ET Group can create an entire room system for your organization to accelerate collaboration and innovation or ET Group can integrate new components into your existing room systems.

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    A Collaborative Ecosystem is the term used to describe how an organization communicates and collaborates. Room systems are an integral component of a company’s unified communications and Collaboration (UC&C) platform. ET Group can provide and integrate communication and collaborative tools and technology to enhance your collaborative ecosystem.

    Business Benefits

    1. Enhance your communication
    2. Increase the speed at which your business solves problems
    3. Collaborate to accelerate innovation
    These goals are attainable with an understanding of where your organization is, where you want to go and how you plan to get there. It sounds simple, but the myriad of technology tools available to you can make it confusing.

    “Collaboration goes beyond a simple exchange of information. It’s a series of communication exchanges that move all involved parties toward a common goal.”

    Hardware alone cannot foster a sense of collaboration and connectivity. Businesses require functional room design that is customizable to their unique needs and circumstances. They need an audiovisual strategy that can connect people anywhere, anytime in an intimate and ‘real-life’ manner. And that strategy must connect with the company’s UC&C platform. ET Group designs all of its products and oversees integration and network facilitation to deliver seamless global connections that work as easily as a telephone call.

    “Collaboration technology is adding value across a broad array of business functions today. Organizations find the most significant value in technology’s ability to support complex and distributed teams, improve business activities like customer service and product development, and provide greater reuse and manageability of documents and other content artifacts.” – Forrester Consulting

    We facilitate:

    • Strategic Collaboration
    • Improved Decision Making
    • Enhanced Relationship Building
    ET Group’s collaborative room solutions help you to create a connected and innovated workplace.