Automation & Scheduling

Sometimes you need your room to be able to handle different types of meetings or to do it all. If you do, you probably need a control system in the room to allow you to easily switch from one mode to another. Enhance the functionality of your meeting spaces with the ability to have full control of your room and its features from one point of access.

Key features of Automation & Scheduling include:

  • Control your room’s technologies
  • Control room lights, blinds and heating to conserve energy
  • Book spaces and schedule meetings remotely

Creston Touchscreens

Capacitive Touchscreens

Control your meeting spaces conveniently with stylish touch screens. Capacitive touch screens use Smart Graphics and soft touch buttons to provide great user experience and functionality.
TSW-552TSW-552 (5”)
tsw-752 TSW-752 (7”)
tsw-1052TSW-1052 (10.1”)
tsd-2020TSD-2010 (20”)

Smaller Format Touch Screens

If you are looking for discrete controls with the same features and functionality a smaller format touch screen is the way to go.
tpmc-4smdTPMC-4SMD (4.3”)
tpmc-4smd-fdTPMC-4SMD-FD (4.3” w/Full Duplex Audio)
tpmc-3smd TPMC-3SMD (2.8”)

Creston Scheduling Panels

Crestron combines its touch screen technology with Outlook network scheduling in order to connect the right people with the right spaces.

TSS-752TSS-752 (7”)
tsw-730TSW-730 (7”)
tpmc-4smTPMC-4SM (4.3”)
tpmc-4sm-fdTPMC-4SM-FD (4.3”)
tpmc-3smTPMC-3SM (2.8”)

Crestron Mobile Controls

Crestron Apps allow you to take control of the technology in your meeting spaces from your own mobile devices anywhere in the world. Available for both iOS and Android, this easy to use app provides a sleek user-interface making your room monitoring and control easier than it ever was before. Download the Crestron app for the free demo.

   iPhone Download  iPad Download Android Download 


AMX Modero X Series


Modero X is the flagship family of control panels by AMX. They feature smooth gesture based control, high-quality video streaming and onboard apps.

AMX Modero S Series


 The Modero S Series is intended for conference rooms, classrooms and small huddle spaces. Perfect for scheduling and room control with a beautifully elegant design.