Assessment & Design

ET Group provides a 360° approach with room assessment and design to enhance your room’s existing collaborative capabilities.We will evaluate your current workspace and business goals and optimize your workspaces for collaboration based on best industry practices. The results are purpose-designed rooms that are easy to use and that enable your workforce to innovate and collaborate effectively.

Key features of ‘smart’ spaces include:

  • Control automation
  • Interactive surfaces
  • Multiple inputs and display options
  • Maximized screen real estate
  • Ability to connect to remote sites and users
  • Proper lighting, colors, and acoustics
  • Remote monitoring and management

Control Automation

Control systems allow you to control and schedule your meeting spaces with the touch of a button from anywhere in the world. Whether you need to control your room’s technology, lights, blinds or heating, well-designed control systems simplify the user experience in complex collaboration systems. Control systems help improve productivity and room utilization by allowing you to book available collaboration spaces, quickly and easily.

Control systems can:

  1. Turn systems on and off automatically at the right times
  2. Utilize room sensors to interface with programmed presets for shades to benefit from daylight harvesting and to only use lights when they are really needed
  3. Monitor and communicate your energy consumption and savings trends via a flash-based, stylish interface in your lobby
  4. Tie into your building’s control systems

Green Benefits

There are many opportunities to ‘Go Green’ when updating your work spaces. Check out this blog to find out if Sustainability is worth it for SMEs.

Interactive Surfaces

Interactive surfaces such as interactive whiteboards (IWB) allow people to connect and innovate faster while reducing the need for paper and travel. IWB’s allow you to open files, applications, share and interact with multimedia on large, multi-touch enabled, surfaces.  They also allow your organization to write notes in digital ink on the most common business applications and share them instantly via email.

Multiple Inputs and Display Options

Having multiple input locations in collaboration spaces, allows you to share information quickly and effectively. Multiple in-room displays allow you to increase the richness of the experience by presenting information in a one-to-many format, or in a many-to-many collaborative format where people can interact with the information via an interactive whiteboard, a PC or an iPad.

Maximize Screen Real Estate

An easy way to improve productivity is to increase the amount of available screen real estate throughout the collaboration spaces. We need to be able to share, collaborate, and draw on relevant information quickly by maximizing screen real estate and selecting the right types of displays you allow multiple data types to be shared simultaneously. Check out this blog for more on the benefits of maximizing screen real estate.

Ability to Connect to Remote Sites and Users

Effective collaboration spaces allow you to bring the right people to the table no matter where they are located. To do this effectively, we use technologies like audio, video, web conferencing and interactive white boarding to bring people together. Having multiple technologies in the room allows you to create a rich experience by using the most effective method of collaboration to focus on the task at hand. Learn more by reading this blog.

Proper Lighting, Colors, and Acoustics

Effective collaboration spaces need to have the right lighting, colors, and acoustics to enhance in-room and remote collaboration. Communications tools like audio conferencing and video conferencing require special attention to perform as well as possible. Failure to account for these key room characteristics can result in failed implementations, regardless of the size of the investment in the latest technologies.

Remote Monitoring Management

Remote monitoring and support allows organizations to streamline the management of the service and support functions for their collaborative workspaces. ET Group provides a full range of solutions to manage your collaborative technologies on a regional, national or global basis. Proper management will allow users to work more effectively and provide proactive support. Built-in reporting will enable you to track resource usage for more effective purchasing, scheduling, and resource allocation. Remote management significantly reduces response time in case of technical issues, as it allows your internal support team or our customer support center to troubleshoot many issues remotely.