In today’s fast changing world of evolving business models, new technologies and limited budgets, communities are increasingly turning away from traditional institutional models to working in collaboration with partners across different sectors. In doing so, they discover that by breaking down institutional barriers, transformative partnerships are created which enable their communities to be more agile, responsive and competitive.

Municipalities and the communities they govern are trying to gain intelligence to increase their quality of life and also increase their savings by doing so. Several Municipalities have already made great strides to achieve “Intelligence” in their communities, such as the city of Newmarket introducing a robust broadband network.ET Group can add to the “intelligence” being sought by providing Municipalities across Canada with technologies that foster a more robust Community Collaborative Ecosystem.

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  • A Community Collaborative Ecosystem includes:

    • ET Cloud – Video Conferencing as a Service
    • Building IQ – Energy use optimizer, software as a service
    • Digital signage to link all parts of the community together
    • Technologies which speed up and increase the community’s collaborative muscle

    Your Community Collaborative Ecosystem should:

    1. Allow you to join a network of collaborators who you can work with in new ways to help solve your community’s challenges.
    2. Create an easy way to communicate with like-minded partners using video and content sharing so everyone can take part.
    3. Be reliable, business class, easy to use and cost effective.
    4. Add business value and relationships as well as technology solutions.
    5. Help you navigate technology requirements as a community and eliminates the feeling of having to figure out everything yourself.

    Outcomes for your community

    • Drives process management through technology solutions rather than traditional institutional processes.
    • Enhances the initiative of, “let’s figure how we can achieve our goal”, rather than deciding on “go /no go” viability based simply on profitability models of individual partners.
    • Creates new organizational models of people and organizations coming together to overcome the constraints to collaboration and innovation.

    ET Cloud

    ET Cloud will provide the platform for mayors, municipal decision makers and industry to collaborate face-to-face using high-quality video. In addition to one-to-one meetings, the network also allows for group meetings and virtual roundtables to foster dialogue and innovation amongst those to advance the success of Canada and its municipalities.ET Cloud allows any commercial video conferencing equipment to connect to each other as well as to PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

    ET Group and Cisco have partnered with i-Canada to provide a rich environment of peering, learning and mentoring between the Mayors, Council members and community partners across Canada.

    Everything You Need to Know About Video Conferencing as a ServiceVideo Conferencing as a Service (VCaas) is an EASY, RISK FREE way to Introduce Video Collaboration in Your OrganizationGet the Wainhouse Research Whitepaper “Everything You Wanted to Know About Video Conferencing as a Service but were Afraid to Ask”.

    Download End User’s Guide to VCaaS

    Building IQ

    Building IQ is a unique Software as a Service solution for commercial buildings that analyzes and optimizes a building’s energy use and makes adjustments where necessary to reduce your energy use and save you money. The software automatically fine-tunes and controls HVAC systems which results in substantial energy savings, improved LEED scores, supports sustainability efforts at no cost in comfort for the building tenants.