Digital Signage

ET Group has provided turnkey digital signage solutions to corporations, government, hospitality, retail, contact centres and special venues for many years. Our customers appreciate our ability to provide hardware, software, installation and ongoing support for their digital signage requirements.

Our 20+ years of experience with digital signage allows us to understand the current solutions in the market, as well as how the market has evolved and continues to evolve.

The digital signage software component is the critical piece, which allows you to create content and manage the digital signage network. We have worked with many different software solutions. Here are some of our favorites:


The Appspace platform allows customers to aggregate multiple sources of information into packages that are then distributed directly or via distribution networks to an array of endpoints. Appspace provides an open and flexible API with the power of end-to-end customization. Whether serving a market niche or pioneering the next killer app you can leverage core capabilities or use the extensions framework to build new widgets, custom interfaces, solution-specific workflows, and more. With support for HTML5 content, you never have to trade off performance for functionality.


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    Display5 does not just support HTML5, but it is one of the rare digital signage solutions that is architected on HTML5 and other web technologies, e.g. PHP. This architecture pays off in so many ways:

    • Runs on any player that supports popular browsers, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. Take advantage of the many low cost player options available
    • Easy to allow web content to play in your Shows, e.g. Social Media feeds, YouTube, etc.
    • Integrates to other platforms simply and easily, e.g. WordPress, Vidyo, Kaltura, etc. and allows you to do so much more with your digital display network
    • Unique and powerful Emergency management module unlike any other offerings in the market
    • Modular software → only pay for the modules you need

    This entirely web based solution is simple to learn, highly customizable and easy to manage. The High-VU Show creation module offers a rich set of features for creating signage content such as promotional product shows, schedules, event information, employee communications, lobby displays, live video, booking information from scheduling products, Live data feeds, hospitality and restaurant informational and many other types of data for display on monitors in live environments.

    The editing capabilities of the High-VU module allows the user to easily and quickly change the content and does not require the player to be re-started. The High-VU platform can support hundreds of “Shows” (or channels) and offers a flexible and easy to use design tool to create your Show layout quickly and easily. This solution can be run behind the firewall as well as in a public network and can support access via Wi-Fi.


    Get more information on ET Group’s Digital Signage platform:

    Display5 Digital Signage

    X20 Media

    X2O provides Real-Time Visual Communications tools that make it easy to push dynamic content to anyone anywhere in real-time through digital signage. X2O features easy to use tools that allow you to link to real-time data within your channel and it integrates with Polycom RealPresence.

    X2O features:

    • PowerPoint based template design tools
    • Cloud-based content management portal
    • Broadcast-quality graphics and video
    • Real-time data feeds
    • Options available for any budget