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Making Your Meeting Places Audibly Accessible

Our world can be challenging for the hearing impaired. The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) recognizes the history of discrimination against persons with disabilities in Ontario and aims to implement and enforce standards to achieve accessibility for Ontarians with disabilities.

Collaboration is an Investment that has a Compound Return

The Justice ecosystem is a complex system that has evolved over hundreds of years hand-in-hand with the development of society itself. It is the “Law & Order” part of our society. Is it possible to apply new communications tools to realize drastic economic benefits?

Is Higher Education having a Kodak Moment?

Kodak did not embrace the changing marketplace, and they became a “Dead Company Walking” until they ultimately went into bankruptcy. Now they are trying to resurrect themselves by sifting through the technologies that they developed but never capitalized on when they were a healthy vibrant company. 

Zombie Companies? – No really, there are “Dead Companies Walking” out there

Transforming the Healthcare Collaborative Ecosystem

The requirement for high quality, cost effective healthcare for all has been driving health care organizations to explore how technology can enable telehealth possibilities for many years.

Press Release: A Unique Partnership Connecting the World of AV and IT

ET Group and IT consulting firm Solulan have partnered to become the leading Lync integration specialists in Quebec and in Ontario.

5 Collaborative Principles to Guide You on Your Collaborative Journey

Every organization has a purpose, with an end goal of providing a product and or service for-a-profit or not-for-a-profit.

The Rise of the Virtual Meeting Room

I was struck by just how powerful a virtual meeting room (VMR) had become for me when I was in the office with two co-workers and we wanted to connect with someone in our Montreal office for a discussion.