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Embracing Technology for Accelerated Growth

By Dirk Propfe January 11, 2018 Published under: Blog

The Office of The Future: It Starts with Collaboration

By Dirk Propfe October 16, 2017 Published under: Blog

Virtually Virtual: Intouch Magazine Feature with CEO Dirk Propfe

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By Dirk Propfe April 18, 2017 Published under: Blog

Digital Signage – The Browser Takes Over!

Using a browser makes it easier for businesses to connect with consumers right from their web pages without having to worry about having an app like Skype or Facetime installed on the user’s device. For users, having the browser as the common tool for accessing applications, web content and UC makes life simpler because there is no need for specialized applications for each task.

The Next Phase of the Digital Signage Market

A new phase of the Technology Market Lifecycle is never defined by new technologies but by the customer’s needs and how technology can meet them

The Technology Market Lifecycle of Digital Signage

Digital signage is evolving to Phase 2 of its technology evolution curve by becoming a digital display platform that is capable of much more than content communication.

How are Skype and Skype for Business Coming Together?

The promise of bringing Skype together with Skype for Business, has a lot of enterprise staff pretty excited. They have been holding onto the promise for more than a year that Microsoft will make life seamless for them by bringing together the enterprise and consumer worlds of voice and video.

Video Communications Growth Accelerating Quickly

Video is, by-far, the most compelling communications method to engage customers and employees. It is also the most effective method for disseminating company-wide information. Business video communications, in all its forms, should be something that is important to every CEO and CIO.