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Are you looking for the connected workplace of future? Do you want to accelerate innovation? Is your organization looking to reinvent the way they collaborate? Are you looking for greater harmony, increased connection, and greater ROI between your teams, partners, and clients?

The answer starts with a free workplace of the future assessment from ET Group that provides an in-depth analysis of your organization’s current collaboration platform and outline the steps towards weaving people, space, and technology together.

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The numbers show that companies who collaborate outperform their peers by 2 to 6 times. Yet most companies or departments are in the 72% of organizations whose collaboration maturity is either, “Unsupported” or “Non-integrated”.

Getting our workplace of the future assessment is the first step to becoming a collaborative organization that sees increased breakthroughs, accelerated innovation, and greater ROI. We work alongside our clients and partners as trusted advisors to fully understand and solve the needs of individuals, teams, and organizations by offering the most advanced collaboration solutions.