A Rich History of Integration Expertise: Audio Visual with IT

ET Group’s origins trace back to the 1970s, when its founders staged large concert events. As pioneers of sound and vision communication, they lived within and mastered the revolutionary technologies that were continuously changing, especially focused on the Entertainment industry.

ET Group continues to combine Audio Visual Technology with Information Technology creatively and successfully.

Under new ownership since 2008, ET Group is now keenly focused on providing innovative solutions for companies looking to improve their ability to collaborate.Start a Career at ET Group
Our focus is on the places where people come together to meet, whether physical or virtual. The current ownership hails from the digital computing world, bringing a fresh view and a holistic approach to the AV and IT requirements of today’s leading corporations. Communication technologies in Voice, Video and Data, need to come together seamlessly in today’s collaboration spaces. Today’s Audio Visual solutions coupled with IT systems are designed to bring Unified Communications together with robust collaboration experiences, enhancing collaboration and messaging, rather than getting in the way.

Key People at ET Group


Jim Gragtmans, Principal

With more than 30 years of experience in building corporate and entrepreneurial organizations, Jim has a proven track record in developing rapid growth, customer-service based strategies. In previous engagements, Jim has held positions as COO at a software development company, Vice-President of The Biodiesel Company and Vice President of Sales for Compugen Systems. He has also served as an independent consultant and business coach. As a principal of ET Group, a technology integrator focused on building Collaborative Ecosystems, Jim assists companies and other communities to build collaboration platforms that help drive innovation and community well-being. He is actively involved in his industry and community as Chair of the Newmarket Economic Development Advisory Committee (NEDAC), member of the i-Canada Board of Governors, member of the Dealer Advisory Council for the USAV association, Past Chair of the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce, and is a partner in the Newmarket Shared Digital Infrastructure Executive committee.
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Paul Gragtmans, Principal

Paul has more than 30 years of experience in the IT and AV technology industries and brings a practical and insightful approach to today’s technology environment. He is working with some of the largest Canadian companies in a consultative role, helping them sort through the collaborative technologies available to them.  He has developed a Corporate Collaborative EcoSystem model which allows organizations to:
  • Understand the dynamics of the collaborative technologies
  • Determine their current position in the use of the technologies
  • Draw up a plan which meets their goals for increased collaboration
  • Assists them with the integration and management of the technologies
Paul has held leadership positions at both large corporate companies, e.g. IBM Canada – General Manager positions, and at several technology start ups.  His results-oriented drive, real world insight and innovative leadership have spawned successful strategies, coupled with practical planning and implementation. His focus at ET Group is to bring ongoing value to the customer.
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Dirk Propfe, Principal

Dirk is a results oriented entrepreneur with a deep commitment to sustainable business. Dirk’s key strengths include a team building, democratic leadership approach, exemplary people management skills, and a determination to nurture win-win partnerships between key stakeholders. He has been in the AV/IT industry for the past 5 years, holding leadership positions in sales, operations, and finance. Dirk is a graduate with distinction of the HBA program at the Richard Ivey School of Business and is currently pursuing a Masters in Environment and Business from the University of Waterloo. He is fluent in German and Spanish and is an active member of the YCEC (Young Construction Executive Club) and the CaGBC (Canada Green Building Council). At ET Group, Dirk is currently developing the long-term sustainability strategy for the company.
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Corporate Responsibility

ET Group is committed to enhancing its business value in a socially responsible and sustainable manner by considering the interests of all stakeholders including investors, employees, customers, suppliers and local communities.Our leadership team is held to the highest standards of ethical integrity and we are devoted to maintaining an ethically responsible business culture. Our business ethics are based on the broad principles of integrity and fairness, applied to stakeholder issues such as product quality, customer satisfaction, employee wages and benefits, and local community and environmental responsibilities.ET Group is committed to pursuing high standards of environmental performance, including the maintenance of safe and healthy working environments.We seek to improve efficiency and to minimize the effect of our operational processes on the environment by:
  • Requiring all new product introductions to take environmental issues into account.  
  • Encouraging employees are encouraged to recycle paper and packaging, including bottles and cans
  • Implementing, recycling initiatives at site level throughout ET Group.
ET Group is guided by one vital principle; that integrity in dealing with customers is a prerequisite for a successful and sustained business relationship. We value our customers and the trust that they place in us.

Sustainability and Our Customers

ET Group customers expect and receive high quality, reliable goods and services. The collaborative technology solutions we design and sell (video conferencing, audio conferencing, interactive whiteboards with remote connectivity, digital media solutions, building energy management solutions, etc.) can help drive significant emission reductions for our clients. Our solutions help other corporations to become more sustainable by allowing them to reduce their GHC emissions and environmental footprint through the effective use of collaboration technologies that do not deplete resources wastefully. The outcome for workforces locally and globally is improved performance, competitiveness, and a reduced environmental footprint. As a leading organization in our field and an aspiring leader in sustainable development practices and results, we recognize that the reduction of carbon emissions results in positive financial and environmental impacts.  We partner with our clients to this end.


The welfare of the communities in which ET Group operates is important. We engage in activities that promote good relations with the local communities by contributing to, and supporting, local charities and community activities. Employees are encouraged to contribute to local charities and to volunteer in their communities.

Our Partners

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We strive to work in collaborative partnership with our stakeholders – staff, contractors, suppliers and customers. We believe that a partnership approach, rather than a strict customer/supplier/employer relationship, leads to increased value for all participants. This strategy leads to multidimensional interactions, while working towards shared goals.We collaborate closely with our sub-contractors and delivery partners to extend our geographic and technical scope to meet the broad needs of our customers. ET Group has developed a strong network of such partners across the globe. Working with our USAV dealer partners in the US, and our carefully vetted Canadian dealer partners, we are able to provide Design/Builds and comprehensive support services wherever our customers require it. We provide similar services worldwide on a more customized basis.
ET Group has delivered projects for our customers across Europe, Australia, India, South America and the United States. We have solutions that connect global locations in a seamless and secure manner.Our manufacturer partners are at the core of the technology solutions we provide. ET Group works with many of the biggest leaders in the field of collaboration technology. Increasingly these partners include companies that are beyond the traditional AV and IT industries and include software, hardware and Managed Service companies.
“ET Group is a very partner oriented Company.”

Our Clients

Our clients are businesses and government organizations, large and small.  The technologies used to collaborate are the same across industries and irrespective of size, but the priorities, scale and management differ.ET Group works with some of the largest financial institutes and government organizations in the country, on all aspects and dimensions of collaboration – consulting, integrating and managing.We also provide solutions to small business that are reaching beyond audio-only conferencing to a richer collaborative experience and the ROI it brings.   We also support companies that want to move beyond Skype to a solutions that are easy to manage and enhances opportunities for real collaboration. We customize our solutions for each client by analyzing their needs and optimizing their budget to ensure maximum collaborative value.
Our clients look to us to provide them with guidance and direction on:
  • What is possible?
  • What makes sense and why?
  • What they should be planning for?
  • What is the right mix of technologies?
  • How should the technologies be integrated?
  • How should they manage the technologies?
  • How to ensure the technologies are adopted?
ET Group understands how to create a corporate collaborative ecosystem for your organization using the active collaboration technologies best suited to your needs. To leverage these technologies to your maximum benefit contact us using the form below, to get your free consultation.

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