Our team and customers are priority #1.

The Workplace of the Future

We believe that when people, space, and technology are woven together seamlessly, collaboration accelerates and breakthrough innovations surface seamlessly.


People: Connected 

Creating an energized culture and an organization that works better together.

I need to:
  • Create the workplace of the future
  • Reinvent collaboration
  • Accelerate innovation
  • Empower my team
  • Increase ROI
  • Increase utilization
  • Create an agile workforce


Space: Reinvented

Fostering and encouraging collaborative behaviour through space design.

I need:
  • Customized workspaces
  • Mobile/Personal workspaces
  • Smart offices
  • Conference Rooms
  • Executive boardrooms
  • Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • Huddle rooms
  • Command Centres

Technology: Integrated

Weaving technology together to facilitate & reward collaboration efforts.

I need:
  • Video/Voice Conferencing
  • Smart Building Integration
  • Digital Walls & Digital Signage
  • Cloud-Based Solutions
  • Networking & Security
  • Data Analytics

What Makes Us Different

Our Passion

We believe when people, space, and technology are woven together, collaboration accelerates and breakthrough innovations surface seamlessly.

Our Approach

We are people focused. We work alongside our clients and partners as trusted advisors to fully understand and solve the needs of individuals, teams, and organizations by offering the most advanced collaboration solutions.

Our Delivery

We are change makers, tapping into our deep and diverse innovative expertise to bring forth breakthrough digital solutions and enriched value. Together we will build your integrated workplace of the future.

40 years of Fueling Technology Innovation

ET Group’s origins date back to the 1970’s as pioneers of sound and vision communication technologies. Over that time we have evolved into a leading collaboration integrator. We have worked with organization big and small across the globe. Our focus is working with Canada’s most dynamic enterprises, reinventing the way they collaborate.

Strategic Partners


Our Clients

Our clients are businesses and government organizations, large and small.  The technologies used to collaborate are the same across industries and irrespective of size, but the priorities, scale and management differ.ET Group works with some of the largest financial institutes and government organizations in the country, on all aspects and dimensions of collaboration – consulting, integrating and managing.We also provide solutions to small business that are reaching beyond audio-only conferencing to a richer collaborative experience and the ROI it brings.   We also support companies that want to move beyond Skype to a solutions that are easy to manage and enhances opportunities for real collaboration. We customize our solutions for each client by analyzing their needs and optimizing their budget to ensure maximum collaborative value.
Our clients look to us to provide them with guidance and direction on:
  • What is possible?
  • What makes sense and why?
  • What they should be planning for?
  • What is the right mix of technologies?
  • How should the technologies be integrated?
  • How should they manage the technologies?
  • How to ensure the technologies are adopted?
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