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The right communications tools will accelerate the velocity of collaboration in your corporation or community. When users are motivated to collaborate, they innovate!

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Corporate Collaboration

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Community Collaboration

What’s your company doing to foster innovation?

Companies want to be more innovative. The importance of collaboration in making innovation possible is not well understood. In an innovative workplace collaboration is what work is all about. New ways of working will turn collaboration into innovation.

Hutch Carpenter writes about three types of innovative collaboration:

  1. Peas in a pod
  2. New partners in crime
  3. Challengers

What all three have in common is that they rely on people working together actively, in real time.

Beyond Communications to Collaboration

Communicating effectively is critical to get people on the same page. Collaborating effectively helps people move their company quickly and confidently into the future by accelerating innovation.

Innovation is no longer about the brilliant, breakthrough idea of an individual. It is about people coming together, bringing their knowledge and perspective, and leveraging the ideas and collaboration of the group to 1+ 1 + 1 + 1 = 4c

What can you do to increase the velocity of collaboration in your organization?